thursday thoughts (with i-phone photo dump)

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We traveled down to Florida for Thanksgiving with Jeremiah's family last week. While I am not a fan of the almost 12 hours it took us to get there thanks to all the holiday traffic (thankfully the kids are traveling rock stars and did awesome!) it was so worth the effort for us all to be together this Thanksgiving!

We saw the movie Big Hero 6 (we all loved it!), took the boat to the Jacksonville Zoo, ate way too much food, decorated Gramma's tree, exchanged presents, did a teeny tiny little bit of black Friday shopping, rode go-carts, and had an all around blast.

Gramma and PawPaw with all 9 grandkids all together! This hasn't happened in almost 2 years!

Last Thanksgiving our entire family had a terrible stomach bug and we ate nothing but saltines and the memory of that made this year all the more sweet.

We had carefully planned out our return trip to try and avoid the traffic and another 12 hour car ride home...but that didn't quite work out as planned and so we overnighted in Charlotte (which just so happens to hold an Ikea so it really was a blessing in disguise...ahem) and turned it into a two day trip home.

Oh, but to be home! I love being home. And our tree is up and we are all decorated and in the Christmas spirit!

If we can only keep Zoe from un-decorating everything.

Me: Zoe, did you take the angel and star off the tree again?
Zoe: Yes, because dey are so cute and i jus wanted too. I wuv them.

Repeat and repeat.

The Lord knew who needed to be extra cute in this family.

This week has been gloriously normal. I've really enjoyed this and visits to the park, puddle jumping, and hot chocolate parties. 

Happy Thursday everyone!
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