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Zoe: My butt keeps eating my unnerwears.

Ella: God's voice sounds a little like Daddy's, only deeper.

Eli: I know how to say "only kidding" in Creole!
Me: That's great! How do you say it?
Eli: JK!

Ezra: I just feel like I'm poor because I don't have any money.

Eli: You have to be an adult to eat crabs.

Ella: What does nvm mean?
Me: Nevermind.
Ella: That's what everyone keeps telling me when I ask them this! Why won't anyone tell me?

Ezra: Will I have my dimple in heaven?

Me: Zoe, you are so beautiful!
Zoe: And you taste like chicken.

Ella: I don't like my orange juice with pupils in it.

Ezra and Eli: We are running away!
Me: Oh, okay...well I will sure miss you guys. Are you running away because you are upset at something?
Ezra: No, we just want to have an adventure.
Me: Have fun then!
.............10 minutes later............
Me: You're back?
Eli: Well...we remembered that you were making cherries jubilee for dessert today and we thought that maybe we should have our adventure tomorrow.

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