when you need a good swift kick to the booty

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I've had a few rather...well, shall we say "trying" days with one of my children. (Craigslist, anyone?!)

I was completely exasperated by the behavior displayed and was lying in bed one night pouring out my complaints frustrations to my patient hubby. (Because you know there is nothing else a hubby would rather be doing in that sacred small sliver of time when all the kids are asleep and the wife is not asleep...ahem.)

He listened intently then promptly gave me a nice swift kick to my proverbial parenting booty...and he was exactly right. As soon as he said the words I knew it...

I had been viewing this child and this behavior as a huge inconvenience to me. This child had the audacity to reflect badly on me and I was parenting out of hurt pride and selfishness. Ugly truth, yes. Truth still the same.

To clarify, Jeremiah didn't actually say all that ugly truth stuff...he just prodded my heart in to see it for myself.

I needed an attitude readjustment.
I needed a fresh dose of grace.
And forgiveness.
Always forgiveness.

Thankfully, I have a husband who knows and loves me (and our high maintenance child) well.
Thankfully, I have a whole box of crayons kid who keeps me humble and pushes me closer to Jesus.

To parent is to be humbled - I'm pretty sure some smart dead person said that once. And it's true.

My kids are individuals who are in the same sanctification process as me. (Funny how my sin looks so much uglier on others...) And the most important part of the sanctification process is...the process. It doesn't happen overnight and it is never ever convenient.

But then, the best things in life never are.

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Pam said...

I needed this tonight. Thanks for the good swift kick to my booty!