tuesday thoughts

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I hear a crying "Mommy, I'm dripping," as Zoe comes walking all over the house looking for me with a dripping wet pull up.

"I'm so sorry Mom, but I dropped all the birdseed into the printer," was another phrase that was heard just a few minutes later.

Ah, and then there is the classic, "I colored my entire face and chest with a red marker cause I wanted to see what it would look like if I was in a knife fight" line that all kids say one day...

No? Your kids have never said that?

Moving on.

My favorite group of hooligans.

Jeremiah made it in late last week. It was a productive trip and a lot got done in a short amount of time.

We were all together for a day, then I headed to Charlotte for the weekend, where I was picked up by Jeremiah and the kids on Sunday and we drove down to Florida for the week for Jeremiah to do some missions training for a church headed to Haiti later this year.

It's a bit busy, not easy, and certainly not glamorous (sorry no pictures of us bringing the medicine to the dying children in the village)...but I know how needed and necessary car parts and working plumbing and solid training for effective trips is.

In the same vein, parenting is always busy, never easy, and picking birdseed out of a printer is hardly glamorous. But its those moments, my reactions in those moments, that set the example and hopefully equip my children for the long haul. Or at least for the day their child comes to them with the ol' "I colored a bicycle on my stomach. Actually its a unicycle. But it ended up being an upside down unicycle. And I think I used a permanent marker."

Yeah, that moment.

Happy Tuesday!

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