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On the road again...

We head up north this afternoon. We are sharing at a church this weekend, but decided to leave a few days early to spend a day with my family and leave the kids with them for an overnight 12 year anniversary getaway.

We met when I was 16, dated for 6 years and have now been married for 12 years. If you do the math on that, we've been together for over half my life!

We are staying the night at the Hartwood Mansion, the venue we were married at. Other than 1 quick drive by, we haven't been back in all these years, so I'm sure it'll be fun to take a walk down memory lane. Unless, of course, its deteriorated over time and is a total dive...then it'll be a fun story to tell in future years.

Speaking of love...while in Florida a few weeks ago I was able to break out the camera (man, am I out of practice!) and grab a few maternity shots of my sister-in-law...

I am in major baby fever mode! Danger! Danger! I need to hold someones baby...if you'd like to volunteer yours?! I even signed up to work in the baby nursery at church! Who is this person and what have you done with Jennifer?

Our soccer season is over and we had the end of season pot luck this week. Now, I realize that those of you reading this probably have kids who have gotten dozens of trophies, but, it was the 1st for my kiddo's and you would have thought they had won a Grammy! Well, Ezra at least. If we were all perishing in a fire, Ezra would go down holding that trophy.

Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration?

Well, I guess these suitcases aren't going to pack themselves...

Happy Thursday!

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