Haiti, week 5

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I know, I know, I've been saying every week has been busy.

And it's true.
Every week has been busy.

But last week, cooking for 50 and hosting 35 in house, brought a whole 'nother level to my understanding of busy! In the best possible way!

The team from Richland Creek Community Church in Raleigh, NC held discipleship conferences, a kids camp, worked on several construction projects for a local missionary family, and did much to encourage the local pastors and church communities we are partnered with.

With all the extra work load, we had a volunteer (or we prefer to call her "Angel") come for the week to help me out with all the cooking. Erin was amazing! And she brought me dark chocolate and treats for the kids and loved on my kiddo's...she was truly a servant all week and a total blessing to our family. We were all sad to see her go.

Lollipops and Uno...the way to win my kiddo's hearts.

This is Maxo betting baptized at Our House of Hope last week. He is the first new believer from a brand new church plant here in Port-au-Prince!

Haiti family and Via family...our kiddo's have not lacked for playmates this Summer!

And finally, in what I think might be the highlight of my kids time here, we hosted a Convoy of Hope team here for one night that had a real life Ringling Bros. professional clown who made the most legit ballon creations I've ever seen. And he was so kind to the kids and kept them supplied with balloon animals almost as fast as they could pop them. We truly have met some awesome people this Summer.

Our time here is winding down and I am taking a collective deep breath this week as I attempt to catch up on laundry and life and all things forgotten in the tornado of last week.

I may be catching up, but Jeremiah is completely tied up in another playground project this week! We have 3 buddies in this week putting in a new playground at the Bon Repo church and school we work with. Thank you to all who gave to this special project, as we were able to raise enough funds to cover all the costs of putting this play structure in.

Pictures and more details to come next week!

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