swiftly fly the years: Zooble turns 4

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This stinker is 4 years old today.

She is the sweetest, spunkiest, funkiest, and weirdest little girl I know. Said in the most loving of ways. I am wild about her crazy unpredictable personality. 

She is not a people pleaser and not a follower. 

She loves all things dragon, lizard, dinosaur, and creepy crawly.

Her favorite color is red, favorite foods are chicken nuggets and pancakes, favorite thing to play is dragon master and sisters, and loves to wrestle and chase.

She abhors getting dirty and large crowds and mornings.

She is a snuggle cuddle monster. 

She loves all her siblings and shares a special relationship with each of them.

She keeps me humble.
(As if Ezra wasn't enough...)

Her feelings flit and change with lighting speed, but there is never any hiding of all those wonderful big emotions.

Oh my zany Zooble, goodness gracious how you are loved! You are so full of life and I am so excited to be allowed to watch your story unfold.

 My prayer for you today is the same as everyday...

Let Zoe's heart be soft to the drawing and leading and prompting of your Holy Spirit. 
Make her bold for your glory. 
Allow her joy in the simple things and contentment in you, 
and let her live her life for the applause of you alone.

Happy happy birthday Zoe Elizabeth, I love you.
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