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So, we are back in America.

Settling, slowly. Sort of.

I've learned that there is a process to regaining a sense of "normal" in whatever home we are in at the moment. And I can't rush that process. I just need to press into the Lord and lower my expectations for myself (and my family). Easier said then done for this perfectionist.

We will get there, eventually.

The past few days have been chock full of unpacking, dentist appointments, reunited with family and friends, car shopping (we are down to one vehicle at the moment), re-stocking the pantry, taking back control of the house and yard, and putting some last minute touches on my school planning (we start Monday). Jeremiah has hit the ground running, meeting with a new church and missions committee, putting together details for our Fall trip to Madagascar, and catching up on all things administrative.

Slowly but surely...we will get there.

A few pictures of one of our last days in Haiti where we ventured up the mountains to one of our favorite spots with our Via family and enjoyed the cooler temps and family togetherness...

The men always gather around this table and play dominos.

Uncle Pal and Isaiah sharing a moment.

Forget trying to capture a serious picture with this crew!

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Erin Snyder said...

Madagascar?! So cool! Can't wait to see and hear all about that! I'm learning to embrace the slow process of finding a new normal after moving too. I totally get having to lower expectations and how hard that is. But, for sanity sake how necessary it is to embrace the mess and cuddle on the couch instead! :) Happy new school year to you all!