Haiti, week 6

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Our time here in Haiti is winding down (at least for now...) and I am feeling reflective and thankful today. We've gotten to be a part of so much, and seen so much of the Lord moving and working that I cannot help but be humbled. 

At first glace, Haiti looks like a giant dump, and its easy to stop moving your brain and heart past those first impressions. But over time, if you allow it, the masses become individuals and you see the smiles and the community and the beauty. 

Our past week had two major highlights.

First, we teamed up with Keesha Via and World Reach Ministries and hosted a pastors wives tea. Being a pastors wife myself for 10 years, I have a soft spot for the ladies that work so hard to support their husbands and the community of people God places in their churches. Talk about an anonymous role that these women play...they have little physical resources but they live and work fully resourced by the Lord in a way I can't even comprehend. They are my hero's.

Therefore, it was so special to take a few hours and encourage them and fellowship with them and hopefully allow them to feel celebrated and honored...

They really enjoyed a craft project that Keesha had organized.

I volunteered to hold the baby. I know, I know...I look like I'm miserable.

Secondly, another UTWWK playset was finished this week! We had some wonderful friends from NC come for the week and work tirelessly in the hot sun for hours and hours every day...a true labor of love.  

Zoe and I stopped by one afternoon to "supervise" things and she made friends with the local chickens.

He really wanted to take this one home. 

Our hardworking crew!

As my facebook feed is full of 1st day of school photos, I am feeling this inevitable shift towards "normal" and yes, I think we are all ready to go back to a schedule and to experience the comforts of home. And yet, we are torn, for so much of life here feels normal and like home and we leave behind a whole other set of family. The kids are verbalizing the strangeness of having two lives. There is a bittersweetness to both coming and going...no matter where we land. 

We hit the ground running as soon as we get back to America. Jeremiah has a packed schedule of training new teams and churches, travels to new countries, speaking engagements at churches, and we are beginning the planning for our first ever Until the Whole World Knows benefit dinner scheduled for the Fall...so much to get excited for!

I know I write it every week, but I truly mean it every time...

Thank you to all who pray for us, support us, and love us so well. We are so incredibly grateful.

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Can't wait to hear details for the benefit dinner! Count me in!!

Mya Briggs said...

Tell Ezra,Eli,Zoe,and Ella that I said Hi!!!!. Can't wait to see you all soon:)