peas in a pod (in Haiti)

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Yes, I'm totally procrastinating on packing. 

Packing got old about a year ago.

I'd much rather look through almost forgotten photos of our last few weeks here. 

Besides, between the election results which are scheduled to be released the night before we fly out and the (insert sarcasm font) sure to be completely civilized manner in which they will be received and the two (yes, 2!) tropical depressions which are forming as we speak...I just might have a few more days to get my packing in.

But, I digress. 

Back to those pictures of my 2 peas in a pod. 

I let them loose while we were visiting with some Haitian friends one afternoon and then stole away (with my camera) for a few minutes and had some fun capturing their "adventures." Who needs toys when you've got chickens, lizards, stray dogs, platforms to jump off of, random straw hats to try on, and rickety mosquito infested hidden corners you can crawl into?! 

You can see the decision making process going on inside her brain...should I jump or not?!

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