for the travel weary

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We got in late last night after a fun filled 6 days of traveling to Florida and back.

It was a wonderful, fun, crazy, and slightly overstimulating few days (can I get an amen from all the other introverts who have been to Universal Studios!!) with all the Hambrick clan. All of us were there, all 10 grandkids, grandparents, and both siblings and spouses. With our crazy international travels and school schedules and work schedules that fact alone was nothing short of a Christmas miracle!

We did a lot of driving (almost 30 hours worth)  and now I'm happy to be home doing nothing except getting ready for Christmas!

As we were driving home last night with tired kids, legs that were falling asleep no matter what position I put them in, a tummy that wasn't happy with all the travel foods, crazy traffic and accidents all around on interstate 95, and a four year old that kept the "how much longer" phrase on a 3 minute repeat...I closed my eyes to pray for an extra dose of the Lord's grace to sustain me home.

In those few seconds of travel weary induced prayer I thought of another momma who had gone before me, who must have been way more travel weary than me, riding a donkey at 10 months pregnant, with a future that was unknown and uncertain and much beyond her understanding. I wonder if she closed her eyes and prayed for the Lord's grace to sustain her...not knowing that His very grace was inside her womb.

Mary was plain, simple, extraordinarily ordinary...and just like me. The fact that God chooses people like Mary and me (and you) to know Him is such a beautiful and overwhelming demonstration of His love and grace that I never want to get over. His very name, given at his birth, Immanuel, means God with us. And it's true.

I don't know where you find yourself this Christmas...are you travel (life) weary, in your darkest moments, or in your highest happiness? Take comfort and peach, the only lasting comfort knowing that He is with you. Just like Mary on that donkey long ago, His very grace indwells us. He hears, He sees, He cares, He loves.

The Mighty One has done great things for me, and His name is holy. 
Luke 1:49
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