Thursday Thoughts, on this Christmas Eve

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Ahhh, Christmas Eve. Otherwise known as the night parents around the world get their closets back.

My kiddo's are just a little wound up.

Totally lying there. They are off the charts excited. This is the first year that Zoe really gets the excitement and she is positively bouncy today.

Which, is 98.5% fun. As long as I take short breaks in the bedroom to stop the high noise level induced twitching.

Our family has had quite the growth spurt over the last week. Let me explain:

First, my Dad traveled home from Ghana with my two newest siblings...

Welcome to our crazy family Sondra and Jr!
Secondly, after 3.5 very long years, our Via family was granted FULL ADOPTION of Chloe in Uganda! We are celebrating with them on this good good news! You can read more about their story here.

Third, she may not be necessarily brand "new" at 6 months old, but this was our first time meeting our niece, Elora, in Florida. And, oh-my-goodness, she is such a cutie pie!!! What a trooper too...spending 3 days at a theme park in Orlando is rough on a baby and she was just as happy as she could be. She seriously is this happy almost all the time...

Lastly, as if my ovaries needed any more Via sister and brother-in-law welcomed baby Cohen into this world on Tuesday! I mean, seriously people...CUTENESS OVERLOAD is happening in my life this week.

Happy Happy Thursday everyone...

And Merry Christmas Eve!

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