one good year, 2015 (UTWWK Ministry Update)

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This time last year, after a lot of waiting, praying, and trying our best to open some doors that just weren't meant to be opened...Jeremiah and I felt that gentle yet firm prodding that comes from the Holy Spirit to step out in faith (yet, again) and walk through the one already wide open door and join the ministry of Until the Whole World Knows.

This time last year?!

Are we really staring 2016 in the face?

What a year.

Seriously. I always get so incredibly sentimental at the end of a new year. I love to think back through and look at pictures and remember. It's a habit I find to be faith and life affirming, choosing to be intentional in remembering what the Lord has done.

The year started so overwhelming and unknown. A completely different job with completely too big of a vision given to two willing, yet incapable people.

And yet, despite all that, somehow and someway, the Lord choose to allow us to walk with and work for Him this year.

And, oh, how my faith has grown!

How humbled and excited that we get to do what we do...

Supporting the House of Hope ministry center in Haiti,
training and leading teams,
developing new partnerships around the globe (Costa Rica, Madagascar, Zambia, and Haiti, of course) as well as in our own city,
providing support and encouragement for missionaries,
strengthening current orphan and widow care ministries,
and partnering with local churches to help equip them to develop effective missions programs.

That's a whole lot of big words.

I think photographs paint a better picture.

But here's the thing, and here's what we are all about: The following pictures aren't just stock photographs. They are pictures of our friends, whose names we know, whose lives we are involved in. We say all the time that missions at its finest is long-term, intentional, and relational, and I love that even though I toss around some big words, what it all boils down to is relationship. Meeting needs and sharing Jesus looks a lot like building a widow's house, hosting baptisms, jumping rope, helping an overworked pastor, teaching a Bible study, or just cooking dinner together.

We truly have the best job in the world and I wouldn't switch places with anyone else on this earth.

If 2015 was a good year, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for 2016!

Thank you for praying for us, supporting us, and loving us.


For those of you who have been watching from the sidelines, now is the perfect time to join our support team! I am excited to invite you to partner with us in the upcoming year.

Please pray and give if the Lord prompts your heart and consider becoming a monthly sponsor of UTWWK. Our monthly givers are the backbone of our ministry and provide the stability for us to do what we do with consistency.

The ministry is growing and the Lord has given all of us at UTWWK a big vision for this new year.
We are moving forward in faith and trusting the Lord will provide all that is needed to do what he has called us to do!

I cannot even explain the depth of the joy that comes from giving to the kingdom work we are a part of!

You can give in three simple and secure ways: 

1. Give by clicking on the "support us" button at the top of this page  now.
2. By mail. Please make checks payable to Until The Whole World Knows Inc.  Mail checks to:
Until The Whole World Knows, Inc.
731 Duval Station Road, Suite 107-281

Jacksonville, FL  32218
3. Or give anytime at 

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