the Christmas writer's block

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I've got a major case of writers block but think I'll blame it on the holidays.

We head out of town next week to spend a week with Jeremiah's family. Knowing I was "losing" an entire week of Christmas prep time has made me ahead of the holiday game...and I'm never ahead of any game this time of year. Presents bought and wrapped, cards ordered and addressed, holiday treats made, decorations hung...who have I become?!

Ministry wise we are in a small window of "breather" space. Sort of the calm before the storm that starts brewing in January. Jeremiah and I sat down and looked at the calendar for for 1st half of 2016 and, well...yeah, the calm before the storm. So crazy exciting, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!! But I am going to enjoy the calm that is right here and right now.

Apparently, so is Zoe...

I love how she still falls asleep in random spots.

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