Leave em' or Take em'

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I have a question to ask all you other moms out there.

Do you always take your car-seated children into the movie store, library, gas station, etc. with you?

I'm not talking about the times when you actually go into the library or go shopping in the store. I'm talking about the times when you just need to return a movie or book...you know, just a less than one minute task?

I will admit that I have on occasion left the kids buckled in the car to run a movie in, etc. That said, I always park right by the front door, lock them in the car, take the keys with me and am gone a few seconds at most.

I am pretty sure I look like a maniac looking back and forth back and forth from the car to my drop box destination. It's a wonder I haven't fallen or run into something =)

Even with all those precautions for some reason I am still plagued with mommy-guilt when I do this.

So, I am wondering...am I alone in imagining the "you are a horrible parent" stares from onlookers or do you do the same thing?
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Bobbie Grant said...

I have done it. I do park up front, lock her in and am a nervous wreck while I run in, but sometimes it's just easier. Especially the days when she doesn't want to be in her seat in the first place.
There is definite guilt, though.

Addie said...

I do it when dropping a movie off in the outside slot, or returning a cart to the proper place...and feel terribly guilty too so...you are not alone :)

The Martins said...

Hey, this is Ed. Is Jeremiah heading back to Liberty this year for Camp on July 13? We will be there again.

I have definitely left Riley for these few second trips. I also lock the door, keep an eye on the car, and feel soooo guilty. It really is easier sometimes, though!

I am the mom said...

I do it too, and still totally feel guilty about it! The second hardest thing to decide about is taking *everyone* to the bathroom or just standing outside the door watching the non-pottiers. :D

Yes I will be there.

That was Jeremiah, not Jennifer.

Yes, I have done it, but only if I can actually see them in the car...and I always lock it. One of my biggest fears is someone taking my boys. I wonder why it is such a guilty feeling though??? I feel the same way, and have wondered how "bad" it looks!! :)

Jeanne said...

Assuming that you're where you can reasonably keep an eye out and the keys aren't in the car, I am sure that your kids are statistically safer in the car than getting out in a parking lot. Even if you're watching carefully, there's more chance of them getting run over than stolen. I don't know if that should make us feel better or worse, but guilt? I've got much better uses for that. (I've got one for Not Me Monday, saving it up!)