My parents have a plaque on their mantle that says...

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"All because two people fell in love"

Today marks my parents 31st wedding anniversary...


My Mom called me this morning and told me that one of their dogs, Levi, was at the vets office and was very sick. My Mom and Dad had originally had plans to spend the day together and drive up to Pennsylvania. We'll, being who they are (for those of you who don't know them, their love for animals is only beaten by their love for children) they canceled their plans to make sure Levi was taken care of. I started to get sad for them because their special day was "ruined". But then I thought about their 31 years together...31 years of caring for animals and children and anything else that ever needed care and love...and changed my mind about their day being ruined. No, they are doing just what they love to do, and doing it together.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

p.s. Levi is really sick with an auto-immune disease, but doing better after a blood transfusion. If he continues to improve he gets to go home tomorrow.
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