The Farm

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We have a student at our church whose family owns a 42acre farm on the outskirts of Durham. In the past they have always generously offered the use of it to the student ministry for our Hot Summer Nights program. Jeremiah would always talk to me about how incredible the setting was and wouldn't it be a dream come true if one day we could live in a place like that. Well, to make a long story short,through a series of God-ordained events and conversations we now have the opportunity to move to the farm. A lot has to happen before we can move(selling our house-yikes!) and nothing is
set in stone yet, but Jeremiah and I both know that the Lord is in this. We are so excited about the opportunity to raise our children in this kind of environment. The house is everything we were looking for, having 4 bedrooms and a full finished basement...enough room for even my whole family to visit =) There is also so much opportunity for us to use it for ministry. Talk about getting the desires of our hearts!

View from the sunroom

Ella walking one of the many trails

The backyard leading out to the pond

The driveway
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the broomes said...

How beautiful!!! What an amazing place to live!! The kids would LOVE it!!! I always dreamed about living on a farm...I think that it would be so fun to have so much room to explore! We will be praying for ya'll through this process. Keep us updated!