What's in a name...

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Ella never attached herself to a stuffed animal or blanket as a baby. However, in the past 3 months she has formed quite a bond with one of her baby dolls. She puts its paci in and out, takes its clothes on and off. It's been diapered and colored on. It goes to the grocery store with us and she sleeps with it most nights. She isn't quite to the point where she HAS to have it in order to go to sleep, which is just fine with me =) She gets asked about the baby dolls name a lot and she never had a reply...until today. She informed me and Jeremiah this morning that her baby dolls name was "hawk-moley" as in guacamole. I thought maybe it was just a fleeting thought of hers, but she has continued to call it "hawk-moley" all day. Baby Guacamole...hmmm, has a nice ring to it.
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