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My kids are sick again ;-(

We head out to the doctors in just a few minutes. I'm glad they were able to work us in...especially since it is a Saturday. And the Saturday before Christmas at that. Ella still has a lingering cough from a cold 2 weeks ago and her nose started running again yesterday. And she complained that her ear hurt her. I'm sure it's a sinus/ear infection. If it is an ear infection it will be her 1st one since she had her tubes put in last January. I won't complain about that, considering that she had 6 double ear infections in Nov/Dec of last year. We can handle one. Poor Ezra woke up yesterday with a really snotty nose and drippy eyes, was not eating good, and not his usual happy self. So, it's off to the dr's for us. Hopefully we'll get some good drugs =) Especially since we will be traveling all next week. I hate when my kids are sick. Blahh...

Check out that attractive line of snot coming out her nose =)
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mommajeane said...

We are praying that they feel better... It is no wonder though that Ella has a cold... She goes around wiping her daddy's boogies :) We loved the the video... Often we watch just before we go to bed... Nice way to set our dreams and hearts before we go to sleep. Love you guys.