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So, I was right. Ella has an ear infection. 24 hours on an antibiotic and she will be a new little girl. Ezra just has a cold. Not much you can do for that at his age. He did seem a little better this afternoon and ate more for me. Now, the sad thing is that Jeremiah seems to have some kind of stomach bug this evening =(

Also, my family's dog,Levi, passed away early this morning. It is sad, but he had the best life a dog could have had. He was loved and he will be missed.
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The Martins said...

Hey Jennifer! So cool to hear from you! I always wondered when you had the baby (Ella). We left town 3 weeks after Micah was born, so we never really knew. Your kids are very cute! So what are you guys doing now?
Katie Martin

Levi said...

Hello, my name's Levi Hambrick.
I am not a dog.
But then again...I'm still alive. :)