Home Sweet Home

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After a week of traveling, nothing feels better than being home!

We had a great time with all three of our families! Jeremiah's parents were with us for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had a blast playing Agrivation, Scrabble, and Poker every night after the kids went down ;) The day after Christmas we headed up to Roanoke to visit with our Via family. We loved seeing everyone and getting in on the family togetherness. Meme and Popee babysat the kids for us and we went on a double date with two of our closest (and most missed!) friends, Josh and Tasha. We went and saw I Am Legend - Great movie! Then Thursday we headed up to my parents in WV. Once we made it there we ALL headed to my grandparents in MD to have Christmas with all my aunts/uncles/cousins, etc. It was great crazy fun! Jeremiah got to meet some of my family that he never had before. And he got to play Santa Claus =) You can check out a picture of that below! Then we spent Friday just chilling out with my family. I got to go out and have lunch with just my Mom and Dad...that was special. Then Saturday morning we headed back to VA to visit again with the Via's. We finally made it back home Saturday night late. Whew...what fun...but we are all sooooo wiped out now. We are looking forward to a quiet New Years Eve here =)

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Kelly Via said...

Jeremiah Claus. Pretty awesome! What did Ella think about that and did she call him daddy?

Tasha Via said...

We had so much fun on our double date. We were just talking about it last night=)