Remember, part 2

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Big eyes.
Sweet lips.
Sweet face.
Oh. My.
Is this really happening?
So fast.
Really fast.
Lord, is this my son?

Just a few of the hundreds of thoughts flying around my head the day I first saw Chala's picture...

Big eyes.
Furrowed brow.
Very tiny.
Freaking out.
Oh. My.
Is this really happening?
Lord, is this my son?

Yep, just a few of the hundreds of thoughts flying around my head the moment I first met Chala-Eli...

Oh, thank you Jesus, I am home.
So good to see friends and family.
So very tired.
Ella and Ezra's eyes seem so little.
Is this really happening?
Ella's sweetness is melting my heart. Mush.
I have 3 children?!
Oh. My.

Again, just some of my thoughts upon the re-uniting of our family in the airport...

Who is this boy?
This is hard.
Really really hard.
Small short glimpses of the real Eli.
Will it ever feel normal again?
Oh, Ezra.
Oh. My.

A sample of my thoughts during those early weeks home...

And now.
2 years since Eli joined our family...

All I can do is thank God for the incredible privilege of being his Momma. I was so scared. So unsure I could do it. I felt guilty. I felt ill-equipped. I felt overwhelmed.  I had to get on my face every day and cry out to the Lord to help me.

And he did.

I recently have found myself just staring at Eli...heart melting at a sweet (or silly!) expression he makes. The significance of these moments are not lost on me. We have come so far. I am completely in love with him.

He is strong.
Confident in his place within our family.
Partner in crime with Ezra.
Sweetness personified with Zoe.
Fascinated with animals (of the furry variety).

I have learned so much these past 2 years. Nothing else in my life has shown me more of the character of my God than experiencing Eli becoming a part of our family. I am so incredibly humbled and grateful that I have been allowed to be a part of it.

And if you have ever considered adoption...let me encourage you...when God calls you to something, HE WILL equip you with everything you need.

My sweet Chala-Eli,

 I love the way you give your brother the stink eye when he does something you don't like. I love the way you tenderly kiss Zoe's cheek. I love the way you joyfully do Ella's bidding. I love your silly faces. I love your adventurous eating habits. I love your play-by-play descriptions when we watch movies. I love your crazy hair and oh so soft skin. I'm so glad you have learned to open up and trust us enough to show us the real you. Because I really like the real you. 

You have quite the story to tell...and it is my prayer that your Daddy and I can raise you to realize the love of your heavenly Father and his presence in your life.

You are loved to the farthest moon and back. You are my hero. 


Your Momma
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Tasha Via said...


because of your example I KNOW we will get there too! Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your godly example and wisdom. You are a dear, dear friend:)

I LOVE the way you love your family. Your WHOLE family!

mommajeane said...

Has it been 2 yrs really- the time has flown and it seems for us here he was always a part of the family. I will never forget seeing him walk into the airport at Dulles and seeing everything you described about him. He has changed so much and is loved by many.Nothing like watching your own child ( you and Jeremiah) do something that is so much a part of our own purpose and life- We were blessed.

Awesome story...awesome boy....awesome family....awesome God!

beautiful. love his long hair now!