thursday thoughts (a book review, one of the best weeks of my life, and the never-ending story of the hilarity of poop)

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I just finished reading this book:

While Ella isn't technically a "tween" yet, I am realizing how quickly those years will be upon us. I thought this book was extremely practical for giving me ideas on how to navigate issues such as body image, modesty, boy-craziness, and the media in a biblical way. And since Ella and I have already had "the talk" (yes, you know the talk I am talking about) confirmed that I did an ok job with it, ha!

This has been an incredible week for me.

I can't put my finger on it...

the kids still fought at times,
i still lost my temper at times, 
the dishes still piled up,
the crumbs didn't sweep themselves up,
i had stuff i had to get done...

But I also got to see my kids show some real "fruit",
jump in rain puddles with them,
exercise and be productive each day,
draw fairies, fold airplanes, build forts,
cook a homemade dinner every night,
get up early and spend time in the Word undistracted,
see my husband fulfilled and happy doing a job he loves.

I have totally enjoyed my kids, my days, my husband, and my God this week. It has been such a gift.

Watching Zoe enjoy her first time playing in the rain...

And finally, why is the subject of poop still so funny to my kids? Does it ever get old? I had to officially lay down the law and declare that there will be no more conversations with the subject of poop in them conversated (just made that word up, i think?)  at any meals in our house. End of discussion.

We shall see.

Happy (happy!) Thursday!

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