zoe elizabeth: 11 (and a half) months

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As much as I am sad that this little one is growing up and we are holding onto her baby status by a thread...

I have to admit that the stage she is in now is so much freaking fun!

She loves to play games (peek-a-book, catch me if you can, etc.) and give kisses and there is no more guessing game on what she likes and doesn't like. She has no problems at all communicating what she wants.

Namely the remote, cell phone, or xbox controller.

I have no idea how much she weighs, although I'm guessing around 21 or 22lbs. She is wearing 18 months sized clothes and a size 4 shoe. She loves her shoes and will walk up to them and try to stick her foot in them and get them on by herself. She also knows that when we get shoes on we are going outside or somewhere, so she is always excited for that.

She controls the older three with the greatest of ease. It really is like watching an expert princess the way they fall over her. We realize that she is greatly at risk of being the spoiled baby of the family.

She can say uh-oh, mama, dada, Ella, and a version of baby. Or it might be bye-bye. Hard to tell.

Loves baby dolls, anything forbidden, musical toys, balls, and books. Still loves her blankie and paci at bedtimes. Loves to climb stairs and be discovered at the top with a mischievous smile. Loves to be outside, and especially to stand directly in the middle of the cul-de-sac wearing a "please hit me" sign around her neck.

Can point (oh so cute) and dance (oh my, even cuter) and throw things in the potty.

She typically takes a  1-2 hour morning nap, a 1-2 hour afternoon nap, and sleeps from 7pm-7am-ish.

She is drinking less and less milk and eating more and more table food and is a master of her sippy cup. She has a strange dislike for carbs and won't eat bread, cereal, pancakes, pasta, or any kind of cookie. Weird, I know. She will eat pretty much any kind of fruit or veggie, loves yogurt, and will eat most meats.

I...gulp...moved her up to the "big girl" class at church last week. She was (ahem) a bit of a bully to the littler babies in the nursery and likes all the the fun new toys in the new class.

She still allows me to rock her to sleep at night, which I am going to hold onto as long as I possibly can...

I still can't get over how different she is from my other babies, how unique her personality is to our family. I love it. I know the Lord has fearfully and wonderfully made her...and I am loving getting to be a part of her developing little life.

Happy 11 months spunky sweet Zoobles!

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So sweet and such great memories. Hide them in your heart forever.