Update: Summer of Fun 2012 (and tie-dye photo dump)

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I posted at the beginning of summer that we had made some goals for our Summer and I am excited to say we are moving right along on crossing off our list...

All you list-crossers out there will understand how immensely pleasing this picture is.

Yes, I know. I spent ALOT of time on making up this list and chart. The creativity and professionalism just blows you away, eh.

One of our favorite activities and a new activity to us was tie-dyeing. And you know what they say about the family that tie-dyes together right?


Me either.

Some pictures of our venture into the world of tie-dyeing...

Prepping the shirts and showing off Ezra's muscles. You are blown away again, huh.

Concentrating hard on their creations.

 We interrupt this tie-dye photo stream to bring you a picture of the cutest cows EVER...

We took a very impromptu break while the dye was setting to Chick-fil-a to take advantage of cow appreciation day.

Hanging up our beautiful creations to dry.

My personal favorite. Mine, of course.

Oh yes we did.
All wear our tie-dye shirts the next day, that is.
 The cloying cuteness is again, overwhelming, I know!
I have loved having this list to pull ideas from on days when the kids are getting a little antsy. It keeps me creative and motivated, it keeps them from fighting, and it is making us build some really fun memories of doing things together!

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ADawson said...

Love it! :)

Kelly Via said...

The Tie Dyes look great!

mommajeane said...

We loved the memories made this week...the shirts looked so much better in person :)