the island of misfit pictures

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The pink cheeks, the sweaty hair, those dark thick eyelashes...oh Zoe, I could eat you up I love you so.

If he only knew how many times those eyes (and dimple) have saved his life...if he only knew.

Sweetness with a side of sweetness...I love how he always cocks his head to the right in photos.

Found this on Ella's desk one day this week. This girl is so my daughter in her list making abilities...but I could learn a lot from her heart.

Why paint paper when you can paint seashells?!

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Kurt said...

Love her list! I so want to help her raise money for Uganda. I can probably find some work around here for her and give her money for Uganda. Love you guys! Kurt

Kelly Via said...

Oh my goodness. That Uganda list melts my heart. She's so precious.