Jamaica, part two

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Ok, now that we got the pretty pictures out of the way...

It is very very possible that I had a slice of cheesecake and a latte every.single.afternoon. Very possible. It is also very very possible that I am missing this indulgence now that I have returned to reality more than any other indulgence.

Again, with the latte...
The next collage of pictures requires some explanation.

You see, I've been known to watch an episode or two of American's Next Top Model (terrible show, don't really watch it...ahem) and I have learned a thing or two about modeling, ya know.

It's all about the angles and working the light.

Who ever said watching television doesn't teach you anything?!

And now for a few non-picture observations of the week:

  • Drunk people are very entertaining to watch. And enforce the decision to never get drunk myself.
  • Sex is way better at the 10 year mark than on the honeymoon.
  • Jamaicans are very  happy to offer you weed. Or maybe we just give off the weed-smoking persona?
  • People from other countries are generally more fascinating than Americans. Or maybe it's just the accent that makes what they are saying sound so much more fascinating?
  • Sex is way better at the 10 year mark than on the honeymoon.
  • I will never understand the European bathing suits for men. Never.
  • Just because you can wear a bikini does not mean you should. Same goes for the above mentioned European bathing suit for men...aka: Speedo. 
  • Sex is......ok, ok.....you get the point, ha! 

Part three coming tomorrow.
And then I promise I'm done and you can stop hating me for making you jealous.

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Tasha Via said...

Looks like you don't need me to photograph you anymore, haha!

Erin Snyder said...

I'm loving these posts even though they are making me super jealous! :)

Briana said...

love it. all of it. but especially the pictures