the trouble is, you think you have time...

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We had our van transmission blow up on the way to Florida a for a family wedding last week.

One minute we are driving are engrossed in a movie, Jeremiah is listening to a podcast, and I am actually asleep...

And the next minute...


While it was a traumatic event for us, no one was hurt (besides our savings account!), and everything turned out ok.

I was struck with the suddenness of how quickly things can change, and how things can go from good to bad...just like that.

And then I watched the news about the tornado in Oklahoma.

For so many people, their entire lives were changed...just like that.

I realize I can't, we can't, live our lives fearing the worst...and that it just isn't practical to go throughout the day "making the most" of every single second with our kids. I mean it is just reality that bottoms need to be wiped and dried cheerio's scraped off the floor. There's no need to over-spiritualize those moments, ha!

However, only good things happen when I don't assume that I will always have the time.

There won't always be the time...

for playing tea party with my 7 year old,
for making egg carton ants with my crafty 5 year old,
for sitting and watching The Blue Elephant with my movie buff 6 year old,
and playing "gonna getcha" with my wild 21 month old.

The trouble is, I think I have the time...

But I'm not guaranteed another second. And neither are you.

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As always the motto is so true,

"life is for the living" so enjoy each moment. Well stated Jennifer.

Kelly Via said...

Eloquently said, Jenn. Great reminder, especially in the midst of such tragedy.

Tasha Via said...

So, so very true...

That's the truth! Thanks for sharing.

We've had our transmission go out when heading to Florida too. It was really cool to see how God took care of us on that trip. God put the right people in our path to help us out and make us feel right at home.