thursday thoughts (on Saturday)

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**I originally wrote this yesterday but never posted it because I never got around to finding time to add the pictures in, but I'm just going for it today...edited for a day later and still with no pictures.**

I have 6 (5...) more days till our school year is over.
Stick a fork in it.

Yesterday (two days ago...) I went to the NC Homeschooling Conference in Winston-Salem with a friend. We took in a session, walked around like deer caught in headlights at the book fair, bought a cow eyeball to dissect with the kids (because when in your life are you given the opportunity to buy a cow eyeball to dissect for only $2.25?!), and generally had a good time. I am excited to plan out next years school, which is a big deal seeing as how we still aren't quite finished this year! I will "officially" be teaching all 3 big kids next year...whew.

Zoe started talking A LOT this week. 90% of it is still unintelligible,  but she will talk and talk and talk, making good eye contact, and talk and talk and talk. Heaven forbid you break eye contact and try to do something like wash a dish if she wants to talk to you. It's possible I have overkilled it on taking a video of it, but it is so stinking cute. So. stinking. cute.

Jeremiah and I have a date tonight. So. stinking. excited. (It was last night and it was great...)

We still don't have our van back yet. Probably not till next week. We are very thankful that we've been able to borrow a van from family so that I haven't been stuck at home all this time.

Our vegetable garden is doing amazing! This is our first attempt at raised bed vegetable gardening and so far I am really excited with how well it is coming along. I ate our first ripe cherry tomato out of it this week.

We are getting a dog.
The kids are over the moon.
I am kinda excited-nervous. I like dogs, I grew up with dogs, I want my kids to have the experience of caring for a pet, but there are still a lot of unknowns...we travel a lot, I hate dog hair, the expense. We shall see...

We are completely out of coffee, milk, and down to only 2 diapers.

Guess that means I have to go to the grocery! (Jeremiah went for me, ha!)

Happy Friday! (Saturday!)

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mommajeane said...

I am guessing that the cow eye dissection will be a Jeremiah project…remembering our tour of the Frederick Memorial lab and the gall stones and you fainting sort of :) Or you have changed. I'd love to be a fly on your wall when you do it.

Kelly Via said...

Yay for date nights. And for cow eyeballs. And for Summer Breaks. And, for dogs? Ahem. Oh - Boy! ;) Your kids will LOVE it. Are you getting a puppy? Do you know which kind? Way to be a brave momma!