on this day for Mother's

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I have a long love/hate relationship with mother's day.
I've written about it a time or two.

However, I'm not going to repeat myself yet again.

Instead, today...

  • I am full of thoughts for Eli's first momma. His Emaye. She is never far from my heart. 
  • I am full of thoughts for my sweet Myla in heaven. I would have loved to have known her, but I'm so grateful that she is hanging with Jesus till I get there.
  • I am full of thoughts for dear friends who long to be a momma. This day is just hard.
  • I am overwhelmed with thoughts of gratefulness for the three women that had the influence of a mom in my life. Three passionate Godly women who have poured into me and shown me what it means to be a Jesus follower, and how that is fleshed out in a daily life.

But mostly, I am full of thoughts of the beauty of my four blessings and how proud I am to be their momma...

Happy Mother's Day!

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