Jamaica, part three

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Last one, I promise.

At this stage in our lives with the kids and work and life in general...when we were planning our trip we looked into a lot of possible destinations...and settled on one where we wouldn't feel like we needed to spend the entire trip doing things, sightseeing, etc. I'm so glad we made made that decision, because I most enjoyed just relaxing with my hubby all week.

I read 3 books, utilized the resort gym, took naps in the sunshine, had loooong uninterrupted times in the Word, watched movies, snorkled, went windsailing, watched my hubby play water polo against a bunch of Jamaican's, enjoyed the resort nightly entertainment (they had a steel drum band one night that was a.ma.zing!), took numerous walks on the beach, and just enjoyed doing "nothing."

With that said, every person who heard we were going to Jamaica told us to go to Dunns River Falls. Every person. And so we did...

We took a cruise over to the falls and spent a few hours there and then snorkeled at a nearby reef.
It was worth it!

I decided that Jeremiah is still my favorite person to do things with. We had so much fun together throughout the week...man, I love that man! I'd rather do "nothing" with him than anything else with anybody else.

Time to start saving again for the 20 year anniversary!

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Tasha Via said...

So glad you had so much fun!

Briana said...

this makes me so so happy. happy that you two are still so happy together. happy that you made taking a vacation together a priority. happy that you had such a wonderful time. happy that you went to Jamaica (where Trev and I went on our honeymoon;). and so happy happy happy that it went so well. love you both (but obviously i don't really love Jeremiah, just felt obligated to say that when really i just love Jenn. ;) haha. ok then.

Kelly Via said...

Jenn, I am so SO glad you guys had a wonderful time away! I love every picture!!