photojournal: 12 hours at Nana's

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After our Smith Mountain Lake adventuring, the kids and I headed up to my mom's. I knew I would only have a few hours with them before we left at 2am to catch a flight to I wanted to fit in all the fun I could in those short hours...

Jeremiah was able to squeeze in a short after dinner football game with the gang. It's his happy place.

I love everything about this picture. Eli playing in his first real football game...even 6 months ago this would never have happened!

Ella and her gaggle of cousins and aunts...what a posse =)

Ezra decided that PawPaw needed a few drawing lessons.

My time with my family was short, but my kids got to enjoy them for the rest of the week while we were gone. They were good and tired and worn out in the best possible way from all the fun they fit into their time room campouts, fireworks, special snacks, kite flying, Despicable Me 2 in the theatre, and so much more!

I only wish I'd had more than 12 hours =)
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