Eli Cade: 3 years

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Eli has officially lived with us longer than he has lived away from us. And as of July 4th, 2013...he has been a Hambrick for three whole years.


I crawled into bed with Eli last night while tucking him in...I rubbed his back for a few minutes and prayed over him.

Side note to interrupt this precious mental image I'm sure you are conjuring: My boys have decided that it is more manly to sleep in their underwear. Only their underwear. While we were praying...he let out this huge fart. Rotten eggs stinky man fart made more manly due to the absence of pajamas.

Ok, back to the sweetness.

I couldn't but praise God for the miracles he has worked in both our lives. For the love he supplied me with for this sweet boy born not of my body. For the braveness he supplied this sweet boy with to open himself up to be loved by us.

Every year just gets better and better.
And better.

Every person who meets him always remarks on his sweetness. Or laid-back-ness. Every person. I always sort of shrug and grin and say "yes, he really is that sweet and laid back." Its not bragging because I had nothing to do with it. It is just him.

Of course, you know I can't just leave it all unicorns and lollipops. And I feel strongly that I should never skim over or hide the hard parts of our story. I've never made it a secret that getting to the point where I can gush over Eli has been a long process. Adoption is hard. And grueling. And work. A lot of hard work.

But maybe someone is reading this today that is early in their adoption process and holding onto hope that it will get better, easier, and that they didn't make a terrible irrevocable mistake. It will get better. It will get easier. And no, there was no mistake.

Mostly, I want people to know that it is worth it. Every tear. Every freak out moment.

Worth it. All.

Eli Cade,

You are an integral part of our family and we wouldn't have near as much fun without you in it! You bring so much laughter and brightness to us.  

I love how your understanding of the Lord has grown so much this year. I love how you proudly announce your Ethiopian heritage to anyone new you meet. I love how you sleep in your underwear. I love how you shimmy up the doorframes of our house like its no big thing. I love how hard you work in your therapy appointments. I love how tenderly you care for the dog. I love how protective and patient you are with Zoe. I love how brotherly and obnoxious you are to Ella. I love how encouraging and supportive you are of everyone in your family. I love how you get up and dance to every song that comes on during a movie. I love how you stay under the water so long at the pool I always start to wonder if maybe you're drowning...then you pop up with a big smile and gulp in air. 

I love how learning how to love you has stretched me...into a better Mommy and into total dependence on the Lord. You still remain the bravest little man I know. You are amazing and loved and I wouldn't want to imagine our family without you in it. 

Happy three years!


Your Momma


You can read about year 1 and 2 here and here. Seriously, go and read them...I love to brag on what God has done!

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Patty Alley said...
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Patty Alley said...

Blessed to be able to follow your journey as we start ours in just a few weeks God bless you all! Can't wait to meet your children Saturday.

Tasha Via said...

Love that you share honestly about your progress. It is so very encouraging for the rest of us to see that it does, in fact, get better!

My how far you ALL have come in 3 short years:)