photojournal: smith mountain lake

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In life we have a lot of acquaintances, but true friends are a rare and precious thing. 

Briana and I have been friends for a long time...through high school and moves and college and marriage and states separating us. But the moment we see each other its like we never had a gap. When given the opportunity to spend a few days with her and her kiddo's at her parents house in Virginia...I didn't hesitate! Truth be told, I love Briana...but I really love her parents, ha! 

Even as a gawky awkward high school freshmen they were always so wonderful to include me in their family...and to return again as a 30 something with my kids and see how they loved on my children (who still have yet to hit the awkward's coming, I know) was just a gift. Thank you Bonz and DeeDee for everything!

And now, the pictures. I think you can tell that my kids really really enjoyed the lake...

Sometimes I wish my children weren't so brave. 

Miss Hollywood was working on her look. It's a gift to look that cute in a life jacket.

One word: detangler!

Briana and her two cuties, Rye and Aliya. Oh, how I wish we lived closer!

The three amigo's. 

Until next time...

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