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Yeah, still working on all those catch up posts...

Last week marked a big milestone in our family...THREE years ago last week Eli joined our family! Three?! What an amazing guy he is...I can't imagine life without him. More to come on him whenever those catch up posts really do happen.

Eli getting his game on at Nana's during our visit last week!

I introduced the concept of flash centers to my children this week. (Thanks Tasha for the idea!) It was a big hit. Big hit! They were begging and begging to keep going with it. I am definitely going to incorporate this into our school routine once we formally start back up.

Zoe like the play-doh center the best =)

Zoe learned how to say poop this week.
I blame the brothers.
And how I laughed out loud the first time I heard her say it.

Our vegetable garden exploded while we were gone last week. We have been eating tomatoes with every single it!

I had to call and make two long overdue doctors appointments for myself this week...the eye doctor and the "female" doctor. I think I have finally reached the point where I need some reading/driving glasses...much as I would love to deny it and pretend I am not getting older. And the whole female doctor, I hate that one. It might be the first visit ever that I've made and not been pregnant, ha!

No, I'm not pregnant.

I feel as though this Summer is just flying by. Anyone else?

Seeing all the facebook posts of friends whose kids started back in school this week made me feel like Summer was ending...but then I looked at the calendar and realized it was only early July. And I relaxed a little.

This has been an amazing summer so far and I'm just not ready for it to end anytime soon.

Okay, onto my day...

Happy Thursday!

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Tasha Via said...

So glad they loved the flash centers! That pic of Eli is awesome! I can't believe it's been 3 years...*sigh*