the problem with where to begin...

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Not blogging for a while is sort of like not calling a beloved friend for too long...the longer you wait, the longer you have to talk/write about, and so you put it off for the "right" time...and then more time passes...and so on and so forth. Quite the cycle.

These last 10 days are a complete blur.
I think I slept in a different bed/state/country for 5 days in a row.

The first leg of our journey had us in VA for a visit with my best friend since freshman year of high school and her kiddo's. The second leg brought me to my mom's house. Then we scooted down to Haiti for a very quick trip, then back to my moms to pick up the kids...and then finally home. Sweet home.

The kids were complete troopers and are really turning out to be amazing travelers.

Of course I have some pictures...

But that'll have to wait till I can sort through them all and the mountain high pile of laundry is priority at this point as I literally have no clean underwear left to wear. True story.

This week is blissfully normal and I am excited to get caught up on everything. Which means picture overload is coming. Be prepared.

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