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In the busyness of life it is easy to overlook...

But I looked yesterday.
Really looked.

And she has gotten so big. 

She is two. 
Very very two. 
"Me-do-it" two.

There are days when Jeremiah and I look at each other and send the "what were we thinking bringing a two year old to Haiti" glance. And then there are moments where her antics help us survive another day.

She loves to "live on the edge." Oh, just an open sewer line that runs next to our house...a perfect spot to play!

She is still very cuddly and wants me to "hold you" all the day long.
(I hope she doesn't figure out those pronouns for a long time.)

Still loves her blankie and paci and minnie mouse. 

Some highlights so I don't forget:

  • A girly girl at this point...loving fingernails painted, pretty dresses, and all things barbie. 
  • Loves Sonic the hedgehog and runs around singing the theme song.
  • Shares a bed with big sis Ella and is doing great with that!
  • Loves chicken nuggets and salsa.
  • Still isn't much of a carb eater.
  • Is very slow to warm up to new people or situations.
  • Talks, talks, talks up a storm!
  • Still is deciding on whether she wants to be friends with the kids at the mission. One day she is happy and cheerful and leading a pack of little friends around, the next day she is clingy and whiney for me and just wants to be held. 
  • A master on the ipad.
  • Is sneaky sneaky at sneaking gum out of my purse.
  • Still takes a good afternoon nap. 
This stage with her is difficult and wonderful and stretching and joy filled!

Zoe Elizabeth,

You are living up to your name and bring so much life to our family. We love you and enjoy you and thank God for the blessing that you are. Please slow down on your growing up. 


Your Momma

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Jacqueline said...

I have been following your blog for awhile now and have been very blessed by reading it! I have loved seeing your little one grow. I have one daughter who JUST turned 2 last week. I enjoy realizing their similarities! My daughter, Harper, also says "hold ya!" when she wants me to hold her! And for us, this stage has also been wonderful and difficult. :) I admire your obedience to the Lord in taking your family to Haiti…what a wild journey!

She looks more and more like Ella (with Jeremiah coloring)! I cannot believe how big she is!!