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Our friends from NC, the Villeneuve family flew in yesterday for a visit. It was/is amazing having them here! They brought a ton of supplies for our mission and family and we have a lot of plans of projects to do together...but even if they had just brought themselves and we didn't get a single thing done this week I'd still be ecstatic that they are here.

I have been in a state of constant awe for how the Lord has surrounded us with support and love on this adventure.

Ok, enough gushing...

I love this boy.

And these two.
Ok, now really enough gushing...

The two professions I always said I never wanted to do were teaching and nursing. 

It is rather ironic that the two things I am doing the most in my life at the moment are teaching and nursing. 

God's a funny guy sometimes.

I was made aware this week that me being smarter than my children is a very very short lived thing as I had to google how to do a math question that Ella was working on. 

Jeremiah injured his back just over a week ago...a pretty serious injury. Yet, today he is working on building a picnic table for the mission kids to do homework on. God still does miracles. I know many of you who read this blog prayed for him, so I thank you! 

We passed the four month mark of life here in Haiti. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and some days life in America seems so far away.

I am perfecting my rice and beans recipe. If you come visit I promise to make you some. 

If I had to make a list of the top five things I miss from America (besides the obvious one of friends and family) it would be as follows:

 - Being able to exercise regularly
 - The library (I'm such a nerd, this I know)
 - Target
 - Being able to get in the car and go wherever I wanted whenever I wanted
 - Eating out

If I had to make a list of the top five things I love about Haiti (besides the obvious spiritual answers) it would be as follows:

- Simplicity of life
- The avacado's
- Less distractions from the Lord
- How personal relationships are elevated over possessions or to do lists
- The people

Not sure why I listed that out, but all my fellow list makers out there will appreciate it I'm sure, ha!

Happy Thursday!

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Erin Snyder said...

You know I love a good list! And a good math problem AND a good book! :) Stevo calls me a nerd all the time!

Tasha Via said...

Yes, the list was very appreciated;)