those missing weeks

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Yeah, so where did those last few weeks of my life go?

If I thought I was busy before Christmas "break" (which is pretty dag-gone ironic name for it because there is no break for the adults...unless you consider a break in sanity...) then I was fooled.

Keeping 30 children busy and out of trouble all day long all week long for 3

Yeah, no words.

I'm done. Spent. Fried.

And we have one more week left.

We have filled the last few weeks with lots of fun memories: Sleepovers, field trips, special crafts, movie nights, special visits from friends, and so on and so forth. I have lots of pictures to share. Really, I do. But they are going to have to wait till kids are back in school and semi-normal schedule returns. Right after I get caught up on the 17 loads of laundry I am behind on and the 6 weeks of homeschooling that we are lagging in...

Jeremiah and I did manage to somehow squeeze a 24 hour get-away for New Year's to a local hotel for some much needed down time. Only 24 hours of it, but I'll take it. The hotel had hot water and ohmygosh I literally had tears well up standing under that hot water for that first shower. I had forgotten how wonderful a hot shower feels. It is possible I took 4 showers in a 24 hour period.

I also had forgotten how unforgiving florescent lighting can be. Why didn't I bring my tweezers?!

We have a dear friend in from North Carolina staying with us for the week as he builds a playground structure for our mission! The kids are so excited...they worked tirelessly yesterday digging post holes.

And finally...we bought tickets for a visit back to America (how in the world are we approaching that halfway through the year mark?!) for Feb 12th - March 4th. We are so stinking excited! We DO NOT have any means of transportation while we are in the states, so if anybody reading this in the Raleigh/Durham area has an extra vehicle that would seat 6 of us for those few weeks that they could loan'd instantly move up our love-you-forever post!

Ok, now back to work...

Stay tuned for those pictures one of these days weeks!

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