thursday thoughts

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We had a great week with our friends the Villenuves...and sadly said "see ya later" on Tuesday and sent them back home into snowy North Carolina.

Amelia was a painting machine the first 4 days of their visit and completely transformed our girls rooms into a little girls dream...

I just love friends where you don't feel like you have to entertain, but you can just be...together.

And of course, a visit to a Caribbean island is not complete without at least one day spent at a beach, right?! This time we went to Moulin Sur Mer, our new favorite beach destination and had a blast!

Anyone up for a beach wedding? I found the perfect spot!

Oh. My. Word. These four together are quite the circus act.

They have their sweet moments too.
They were able to bring in an amazing amount of much needed supplies for our mission as well as our family. We are well stocked again on flip-flops, soap, lotion, vitamins, and more. My own personal stash of dark chocolate and Milano cookies also received a major restock! Thank you to all our friends in NC who sent items...the body of Christ is incredible!

They left on Tuesday, and then we had a one day pediatric clinic come through to the mission to see all our children and staff. It was a busy busy day, but so awesome to meet and work with the amazing team. They were able to give all the children and staff well check ups including vision exams as well as do an educational session with all our nannies on several issues such as health and hygeine, etc. Sadly, I have no pictures...

Today, it is back to the "normal" routine, whatever that is.

Happy Thursday!

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