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He shall be called...

Eli Cade Hambrick

Eli: Hebrew "Our God Uplifts"

Cade: Hebrew "Pure of Heart"

We chose another "E" name, not because we intended to name all our children with the same first name (we aren't normally cutesy like that) but because we wanted him to feel like his name helped him to fit and identify with us as his new family. Knowing the meaning of Eli, and knowing a little of our son's history...the Lord has certainly uplifted him. We choose Cade because it shares the same origin of his original Ethiopian name and retaining that was important to us.

It is our prayer that he will be a man that recognizes how the Lord has had his hand on his life and will live his life in purity(by living according to the Word - Psalm 119:9).
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Our Family said...

That is a great name! We were debating between Mikah Kaden and Eli Kaden ... but we decided to go with the "M" name!

So excited for you guys! I can't wait to meet Eli Cade!!

Heather said...


Briana said...

LOVE it. I wish we had saved Caedman (Rye's middle name) because i love the name Cade for a boy...oh guess you used it for a middle name too...hope that didn't come out wrong. WEll what i mean is its a GREAT name and if he goes by his middle name (you never know) that is awesome too. Sheesh, i should have just said i liked it a lot and left it at that. oh well.

Bobbie Grant said...

We loved Eli for a boy if we ever have one! Love it.

Becky Swann said...

You know I love an "E" name:) I think that it's great!

RJ said...

Thats like a mix between Ezra and Ella, thats so cool, he's going to have rhythm so I can take a break - RJ

So sweet!
Do you think it will be hard to switch from his Ethiopian name to American? We never really thought about it since Samuel's Ethiopian and American name was easy to stay the same. I was just wondering how that transition to a new name worked?
So excited for you guys!

Oh I just love the name! Can't wait to meet him!

Kelly Via said...

Jenn and Pal, I love his name, and I think there's lots of wisdom in how and why you carefully chose it. I can't wait to get to meet little Eli!

Pam said...

Love the name and the thought behind it! And even though it wasn't planned out I love the cutesy "E" names of all three of your little ones!