Thursday Thoughts

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I am headed out in a few minutes to the kids exchange consignment sale. Think ginormous indoor yard sale. Then think bigger. Then think even bigger. And you are still probably not even close. I hope I am ready for this. I hope I don't throw up there.

Today Aunt "Cake" leaves us. My heart is breaking. You know as a mom you have those moments where you wish you could clone yourself so that you can get more done...well, Cate is the closest I will ever get. She has been awesome with the kids. Just awesome! Cooked, cleaned, took the boys adventuring outside every day, cut fingernails, emptied dishwashers, loaded dishwashers, wrestled, sword fighted...and the list goes on. I'm pretty sure the kids will be as sad as I am. Jeremiah too. Now he has to go back on double duty around here.

I had a pregnancy scare on Tuesday this week. I had a really rough day throw up wise and started bleeding that afternoon. With my healthy pregnancies I never had any spotting. Only when we lost Myla. Obviously, my heart was paralyzed a little. But praise God...I went for an ultrasound and check up and the baby is fine! It is amazing how in two weeks time the baby has actually looks like a baby now...just a miniature version. What a miracle. I have some new back up medicine in case I have another out of control day again...and go back again in two week for another ultrasound. I have to say all the extra appointments this time around has been very reassuring.

Yesterday the weather got up to 60 degrees here and I officially have the spring bug. I know...bad idea with a lot more winter ahead of us, but I just couldn't help it. We even got to go to the park.

One of the main reasons I love North Carolina so much is how early Spring comes. This photo was taken last February. See...I only have to wait one more month for some real proof of spring.

Happy Thursday!
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JenJen said...

Praise God that the baby is still healthy and happy! I've been pregnant twice (our daughter, Lily, was stillborn in 8/2008 and we were blessed to welcome our son, Cooper in 2009) and I was always in awe with the developement between one ultrasound to the next! It's truly amazing!

Tasha Via said...

Jenn, so sorry! I didn't find out until late last night and it was too late to call. I've been reminded that I need to pray for all of you girls carrying these precious children more! Love you, and SO glad everything is OK...

Danielle Via said...

Glad to hear that everything is ok! I'm a little jealous of the extra ultrasounds though! = )

Amanda said...

I was extremely sick throughout my pregnancies and both times ended up taking zofran on a regular basis. It was VERY helpful.

scoopingitup said...

oh my heavens, congrats on your pregnancy! I am way behind!