Adoption Update: Final Homestudy Visit

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We had our 2nd and final home study visit this morning. Like the first visit, this one was laid back and without surprises. We talked about my autobiographical information, our marriage and our parenting style and philosophy.

Again, Ezra was his typical 2 year old self.

At least he is consistent =)

Here are the documents we have compiled so far for our home study:

- Certified birth certificate: Jennifer
- Certified birth certificate: Jeremiah
- Certified marriage certificate
- Medical clearance: Jennifer
- Medical clearance: Jeremiah
- Statement of good health and up to date vaccine record for Ella and Ezra
- 3 reference letters from non-family members
- Copies of last 3 years of 1040 tax returns
- Proof of insurance for adopted child
- Monthly income/expense statement
- Local police clearance: Jennifer
- Local police clearance: Jeremiah
- Child abuse background check: Jennifer
- Child abuse background check: Jeremiah
- Autobiography: Jennifer
- Autobiography: Jeremiah

All that is missing is our state and federal criminal clearances, which we were fingerprinted for and mailed off last week.

It is a relief to know that we have done all we need to at this point for the home study.

We also were able to get our I600A mailed off! Next step with that is to wait for a receipt to track the status of the USCIS processing and get our biometric (fancy fingerprinting) appointments.
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Kelly Via said...

Wow you guys!! Way to go!

Since I know it was so much fun to do all that - don't you want to do it all again for me?? :)

Jeanne said...

I remember having to jump through some of those same hoops (minus the $) to become foster parents. Some of it seemed totally crazy, but I have to admit, I sort-of enjoyed the autobiography and history of our relationship parts. It made us think about things we don't ordinarily. Tim and I especially liked answering the question "Under what circumstances would you consider divorce?" It is very thought-provoking. All of us are excited to meet the one God picks for you. Be ready, sometimes he picks a doozy!

A labor of love : )

Jennifer said...

Great job...we had our 3rd and final interview today too...we're shadowing you guys!

You've gotten so much done already - looks like you're almost ready to finalize that home study!