A Father's Day

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The atmosphere of Father's day is very different than that of Mother's day in a mission like ours. The presence of a Father in a child's life is a true rarity here in Haiti...and everywhere. However, we all have a heavenly Father, who never leaves or abandons and loves us intimately. We chose to focus on that yesterday at the Mission.

Along with a yummy Haitian feast courtesy of a fun guest visiting this week (Michelle was the very first missionary at Have Faith Haiti Mission several years ago)...turkey, fried plantains, frittes, yam frittes, rice and beans, gateau, and creme! Talk about carbing it up. Diabetes for everyone, ha!

Oh, but the kids enjoyed.

Our request for "Happy Father's Day" got a little lost in translation, ha!

Of course, just our little family took some time to celebrate the awesome father that Jeremiah is...I am so thankful that my kids will never have to say they didn't have an involved and loving and amazing Father. 

I was especially thankful that the internet was strong enough for me to have a face time conversation with my own dear Daddy last night. I love that man.

Mostly, I am grateful that I know this verse to be true...

A Father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy place. Psalm 68:5

And so I could sit, surrounded by children yesterday, some abandoned by a Father, some with an amazing present Daddy, some with only dark memories surrounding the man who gave them life...yet we were all united under our Heavenly father.

A Father's Day to remember, for sure.

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