no longer waiting for the train

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At least I don't feel like I'm staring down a train aimed right for me. And I need not wonder what it feels like to be 90 years old anymore. For I have been 90 years old for the last 3 days.

Thank you Chikunguyna.

Today I feel like a 70 year old. I'll call it progress.

My kids have been rock stars throughout this past week that on all accounts could have been extremely boring. However, Haiti has helped reinforce the idea that boredom isn't a bad thing for kids. Boredom breeds creativity if one simply allows it.

It also breeds tremendous messes, but a 90 year old woman really doesn't care about messes.

Here's to ending this week feeling like a 30 year old. Who only cares minimally about the messes.

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Tasha Via said...

Hopefully you are feeling more like a 20 year old today!;)