thursday thoughts and iphone photo dump

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It's been sort of a strange week around here. 
We had our first Hambrick fall victim to the Chickengunya: Jeremiah went down with the nasty virus on Monday and just today has re-entered the land of the living.

Jeremiah is my rock. My go-to person for everything here. Everything. And when he goes down its not a pretty sight for me. I am so thankful that he is back up and going today. 

We also have 5 new adult staff out this week...nannies, the cleaning lady, and the janitor. Geesh, I am ready to see this stupid virus go. Just go already! I feel as though I've been writing about this thing for weeks now. Oh yeah, that is because I have been writing about this for weeks.

Okay, how about some terrible pixalated iphone photos?!!

Shirtless sewing lessons. Complete with a thumb in the corner of the picture. You are welcome.

We found a restaurant a few months ago that is my kids favorite. A fellow missionary family started it on the weekend nights right in their front yard. Grill fired pizza's that are yum! But the best part about it (according to my kids) is that there are friends there every time we go. They feel like they are having a playdate rather than going to a restaurant. Which means that Jeremiah and I sometimes actually get to have a conversation while they are all playing. It's a win win.

Safety hazard anyone? 

Ms. Mimi's grits and fish gravy. So so good! My favorite Haitian breakfast.
Here's to a hopefully healthy weekend for everyone...

Happy Thursday!
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