getting out of dodge (and how to send a book to Haiti)

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The heat is on.

No more cool mornings where I can wake up and take deep breaths of air.

Oh no, I can break a full blown sweat by 9am now.

And the dust. Oh, the dust. It is extremely dry right now and the dust is well...rather dusty.

Therefore, we decided we needed to take two days and get outta the city and head to the mountains.

Way up the mountain..specifically to The Ranch at La Montcel, where it is a good 20 degrees (or more) cooler and there are wide open spaces for the kids to run around in.

Oh my goodness. I had forgotten how incredible it is to be able to say "go play outside" to my kids.

And this happened...

We are back now.
To the heat and dust.
But at least we are refreshed and ready to plow through the next few weeks of Summer with the memories of the cool mountains on our minds.

Of course I took about 200 photos and will post a photojournal a little bit later in the week.

And for those of you who expressed interest in sending books to us in Haiti, we haven't found a great way to ship anything here without it being a long and expensive process. The best way to get books here would be to send them down with a traveling team, who can carry them in their suitcase. If you really are interested, email me at jennifer @ jenniferhambrick. com (no spaces) and I can put you in contact with some teams that are coming down this summer.

And now I'm off to get caught up on that pile of never ending laundry...
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Erin Snyder said...

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. So glad yall were able to escape for a few days!

PS When did Ella get so tall?!?