highs in lows

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Yesterday was one. of. those. days.

Weird stomach sickness for me, our van wouldn't start, the mission van broke down on the mountain for Jeremiah and the group of boys he took on a field trip, traffic, Gramma and PawPaw's dog is very ill, I forgot my money and grocery store card (and realized it at the check-out line), traffic, Zoe was a whiney hot two year old  recovering from chickungunya mess, surprise visitors at the mission, traffic, and Ella forgot the blueberries in the muffins.

Did I mention the traffic?

Even as I write it all out I realize that all the frustrations and mini-disasters were just that...frustrations and mini-disasters. Everyone made it home and the blueberry-not-blueberry muffins were still delicious.

Haiti - 0
Hambricks - 1

We've had a lot of days like the above. In fact, they seem almost more the norm than not here in Haiti. We've learned to roll and we've learned to see the great moments within the mini-disasters. Or at least after we're done cussing and crying.

Kidding, kidding.


Yesterday's highs:

  • Jeremiah got to take all our 8-12 year old boys to the mountains of Haiti...their first time ever. They kept saying, "Haiti is so beautiful!" An amazing first to share with them. Haiti is a beautiful country, but if all you ever see is the city you would never believe it.

  • Ella really stepped up and was a sweet servant to her family, helping with Zoe, making dinner, and even doing the dishes without any prompting. I love this girl.

Yeah, yesterday kinda stunk.
But it was also kinda wonderful.
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