sunday catch-up

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It's been a busy week. Time is speeding up these last few weeks, it seems.

A busy week with a lot of great things:

Two great friends of ours flew down to go on an epic 26 mile hike with Jeremiah, traveling all the way from the mountains of Haiti to the beaches of Jacmel. We went through pictures last night and all I can say is...amazing.

Starting out. Still fresh =)

My in-laws flew in this week!!! My, we have missed them!

My sister Cate also flew in to be my hero and help out with the kids so I could still be present at the mission during Jeremiah's absence. I don't know what I would have done this week without her.

Chickengunya is straight from the pits of hell and won't let me out of its grip. I hate you Chicken virus.

World cup fever is high. People get so excited around here its almost a bit scary =)

I threw in a sleepover with our oldest girls at the mission...because, why not?!
(for the record, I am way past the age of slumber parties)

And finally, yesterday was our 2nd annual neighborhood community clean up day. Our entire neighborhood worked hours cleaning up our streets and roads. All our kids pitched in and we all ate lunch together afterward. I realize it sounds like no big deal, but it is a very big deal to see everybody here taking pride in their community and working together.

I was so proud of these hard working kids!

Happy Sunday everyone!
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