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We are in that fun stage of packing where there are only random food items left in the house but I refuse to buy anything from the store because we won't be able to eat it up before we leave. You know, when we eat hot dogs for breakfast and dinner is tilapia and tomato soup.

Yes, Nahoum thinks that sounds like a crazy dinner too.

We moved to Haiti with 18, 70lb duffel bags and 12 carry on pieces of luggage.
We are moving home with far less than that.

And for the life of me I cannot remember what I actually have stored in America.
(I blame it on the ant spray.)

Target here I come, eh.

Except that the idea of walking into a Target makes me want to hyperventilate right now.
All those choices and options.

When we came home for those 2 weeks in February I went into Target for a few things the day after we got in. And walked out without buying anything. It completely overwhelmed me.

I also had to tone my aggressive driving WAY down as I forgot that driving is not a war zone in America.

Here in Haiti my last trip to the grocery store required the use of my horn no less than 6 times.
I think we almost got in an accident 3 times.
True story.

You might want to stay clear of me if you see me driving those first few weeks.

I am fighting, fighting, fighting for control over so many emotions.
And ever so thankful for an understanding husband.

Speaking of husbands, for clarification because some of you have asked, Jeremiah is making a quick trip back with the kids and I (because I know I am NOT superwoman and cannot keep it all together on an international flight with 4 kids and all that luggage and customs and need his help to make it home without killing someone, or myself) but is returning to Haiti to continue our ministry at Have Faith Haiti Mission through September. So, even though the kids and I are coming home early, he will still be in Haiti for one more full month.

I was thinking about this upcoming separation and realized we haven't been a part from each other for more than a night or two in about 8 years. Yikes.

Changing subjects...

It has been a busy but fun week here. We've had a lot of packing and moving stuff to do, but we've also managed to fit in some special time with the mission kids. This morning we took all our book club participators out to the Apparent Project for ice cream and to pick out their very own for keeps book.

Ezra and Eli look thrilled to be taking another picture for their Mother. 
All the kids who got to go have independently finished 10 chapter books, and most of them have finished closer to 20. I am so stinking proud of them.

Happy Thursday everyone!
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